Trust your brand in the hands of Captionmax


There is a reason why we create partnerships with our clients: because they last. Corporations have chosen to partner with Captionmax for over a decade because our flexible workflows, dedicated account managers, and unwavering commitment to quality and security to ensure that their projects are completed the way they want, when they want. Our corporate clients rely on our rigorous security protocols to protect assets prior to distribution or new product launches. They also trust that we will help enhance their brand without compromising on quality.

We deliver it the way you want it.

  • Our financial services clients require captioning that meets strict financial institution & banking regulations
  • Brand leaders demand that security & in-house workflows be a priority
  • We have the experience and capabilities to meet you where you are for your projects, not the other way around

Our simplified, flexible workflows and custom API integrations reduce the time needed to manage assets, allowing our clients to focus their time and money on their core competencies. Our corporate clients understand that captions, descriptions, and subtitles are an extension of their brand and demand the quality they know Captionmax delivers. They also understand the benefits of accessible media, which allows for an expanded viewing audience and global consumption. It’s no surprise that many Fortune 500 companies (and countless smaller companies) trust Captionmax for their accessibility needs.

Partnering with Captionmax for your accessibility needs not only allows you to meet ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.0 A and AA requirements; it’s a sound business decision too. Having an accessible website has been linked to increased page views, longer time spent on site, and deeper brand loyalty. Our research shows a meaningful return on an investment in making media content accessible. Let us help you add accessibility to your content!