From educational programming to live lectures and game day moments – we caption and describe it all

We have come a long way since the days when interactive multimedia meant wheeling a filmstrip projector between classrooms. More and more, educators are relying on media elements as important components of their lessons, and making that content accessible helps ensure that your classrooms are places where information is available to all students.

Educational institutions of all sizes choose to partner with Captionmax because we have an array of solutions that can enhance the learning environment for students, faculty, and family members of all abilities. We have helped create accessible media for institutions ranging from Pre K – 12 facilities all the way to university coursework for advanced degrees. Our skills don’t stop at captioning educational programming and prerecorded content; we also caption live events and can help you make them accessible to audiences outside your institution.

We make sure that nobody misses even a moment of your event.

  • Commencement Ceremonies and Special Events - Live captioning for commencement ceremonies or other special events will ensure that all attendees are able to partake in the event
  • Stadium captions - Live captioning for sporting events so your students and fans don’t miss out on the action
  • Lectures and Seminars– Captioning live lectures helps distance learners take in and retain information

We have captioned thousands of hours of educational programming since we were awarded our first grant by the Department of Education over 20 years ago. Many learners, including students with visual or hearing impairments and students who speak English as Second Language (ESL), benefit from text or description accompanying video. Captioned and described media helps facilitate learning and increases engagement of all students, not just those who need accessible media. Educational institutions also rely on Captionmax to increase the searchability of their content, allowing search engines to properly decode their content and present it to the right audience.

At Captionmax, we have highly educated and trained staff who are degree recipients in language, writing, and communications, and if there’s one thing they love, it is education. Whether you need captions for realtime or prerecorded content, description, localization and subtitling, or scripting services, we’ll get it done right and in compliance (ie. WCAG 2.0, Section 508, etc.) with all applicable standards.