Our Story

Captionmax was founded in 1993 by Max Duckler, a serial entrepreneur and post-production veteran. Since its founding, the company has grown from a one-man operation to a multi-location enterprise headquartered in Minneapolis, with a workforce spanning from California to New York and serving a large and diverse roster of industry-leading clients. In August of 2017, Captionmax's leadership team led a management buyout, ensuring the future and stability of the company. Our founding principles remain unchanged: to offer the best service, the highest quality, and to make media accessible to everyone. 

Captionmax works with leading governmental agencies, educational institutions, media and entertainment companies, and corporations. As a company, we are only interested in operating at the highest industry standards - that's what makes us different. Our full suite of accessibility services expands your audience, allowing you to not only meet accessibility requirements, but also improve the search results of your content and the return on your investment. Let us help you ensure that your full potential audience is able to access your media. The continuous pursuit of our guiding goal to make media accessible to everyone has made us experts in captioning, localization, video description, as-broadcast scripts, and encoding services. We offer our expertise in helping you meet evolving compliance requirements while offering flexibility when you need it and customization when you want it.

Captionmax is Simply Accessible.