Transcription Done Right! 

Captionmax provides a wide array of transcription services, from basic transcripts to specialized scripting services that include sound effects, speaker identification, time code, scene breaks, shot lists, scene-by-scene narrative description of the program's visual content, and more. We offer industry-standard formats, and we can work with you to create a custom script to meet the unique needs of your project. 

As-Broadcast Scripts

When people go off-script, you need a new script! As-broadcast scripts match the verbatim dialogue of the final version of a video. They can be submitted to award competitions, creation of foreign language translation or populate more robust metadata to enhance your content's searchability. We can provide these scripts in basic and grid-style formats. 

As-Broadcast Script Sample

Grid Format Sample

Dialogue Lists

These scripts provide verbatim spoken word plus credits, music cues, and more. Many of our clients use the dialogue list in preparation for foreign language translations during the dubbing process. 

Dialogue List Sample

Continuity Lists

These are our most comprehensive script types. In addition to all of the elements included in our basic scripts, these formats include scene headings and numbering, shot lists - you name it! They are often used for copyright purposes or as the blueprint for language dubbing and/or subtitling. 

Combined Continuity and Spotting List Sample

Combined Dialogue and Spotting List Sample